Kwest CEO/Coach

I was born in Munich Germany in 1973 my parents were musician and travelling and we got stuck there. the old fire rescue converted bus broke down. we later came back to Vancouver and landed close to Commercial drive and then Sunshine coast. my cycling started back in the 90's in Roberts creek. before I was cyclist I was burning up and down the trails on motocross bikes. I started bike racing because my bro was getting involved in the sport and was rising to the top very quickly. his career as a cyclist ended shortly after placing second at the Bromont Quebec world cup. He was training on highway 101 sunshine coast in Roberts creek when he was struck by a drunk driver almost a brush of death. the result was almost loosing his left leg and a major concussion. the driver was by rumor a friend playing a trick to drive close but that didn't work so well. the driver was never accused and has to live with this for the rest of his life. my bro still has to deal with the pain and thought of what if he had the chance to race a the level he was training for. This is a big part of my racing career and why I kept going. it was so important to me to keep the racing alive as I trained with my bro and guy's like Rudy Schneider and Chris Sneddon. I was picked up by Deep cove bike shop they had a new XC team  formed by Gabe Fox. as the years went by are team was big and strong main athlete's Rudy Chris and myself as the top guy's. this was such a amazing club I later started working for the Cove along side Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham my bro and many other cycling super stars. The rest is history I guess and cycling journey continues.

My best results are 1998 Mount Washington Hill climb win, 2012 BC Cup Champion and 7th at the 2015 Marathon national champs Squamish and silver at 2023 Whistler Canada cup xc. I have over 35 Elite podium results. I coach with Devo/Cannondale / Escape velocity club for the past 8 years. I recently became a certified Cycling coach.